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My wife, Jess, and I arrange several bridge cruises a year via We are also licensed cruise travel agents and would be happy to book any cruise for you. We actually do have access to better than advertised rates, especially for groups of at least 8 rooms. Please contact us to book your next cruise. We go on a lot of nice trips, and people always ask how we manage to do it, especially on less than stellar salaries. The answer is with credit card bonuses. If you want to know how to go on trips where your get the hotel rooms, flights, and even a transatlantic cruise paid for in the process, click here to get my recommendations for the best credit cards available today. As the title of this site implies, my educational background is in political science, where I hold two degrees, but I also personally ran for office in 2010. It was a state representative seat in Tennessee, and while I was unsuccessful in my attempt, I learned a great deal and still have a great deal of solutions I'd like to see implemented at the state and federal level. You may click here to see several of my ideas to help make our country better. Please feel free to ask questions, and I certainly welcome any help in getting these ideas to become actual policy. Let me begin this section by stating that I am not certified in any way as a financial planner. Those people take tests and have licenses to manage money, trade stocks, and offer other investment services. I have, however, worked in the insurance industry and, as another section here indicates, am quite adept in utilizing credit cards to your greatest benefit. I'm also quite skilled at budgeting and making the most from what you earn. One day, I plan to write a "choose your own adventure" type financial advice book, as one of the biggest problems with this type of advice today is the "one size fits all" methods proposed by supposed "experts." Until that book arrives, you're welcome to click here for some tips and tricks I use personally to make every dollar go further. The biggest issue I have with airports is the over-the-top security, which offers us very little increased protection at a high cost while also being very intrusive of our personal space. Another bothersome component of airports is the high cost of parking. They know you have little choice in the matter and price gouge you for parking in their lots, but you do have a choice. I've discovered a site called Global Airport Parking, which links you to hotels nearby major airports, where you can park for less than half the cost at the airport and ride the hotel shuttle to and from your car. All I ask is that you use my link to book, as I do get paid a little in return. Thanks. owned and and operated by Brett Ramsey. All rights reserved.